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10 Signs You Need to Trash Your CRM

Out with the old in with the new! Easier said than done but when it comes to your CRM, sticking with a system that isn’t up to par will only create more problems in the long run. Don’t get stuck settling for a mediocre CRM or wasting time hoping its shortcomings will miraculously disappear. Here are 10 warning signs you need to trash your current system.

  1. Instead of looking forward to the weekend, your sales team meets 3:00 PM on Friday with feelings of full-fledged resentment as they frantically work to get their sales reports in order before leaving for the week.
  2. The enthusiastic interns you hired are losing more and more hope for a happy future with every passing minute they spend tediously entering data into your CRM.
  3. When you sit down to pay the bill for your CRM system, you feel your chest tighten and your breathing become labored. The ROI you were supposed to get has disappeared along with your intern’s dreams.
  4. It would be easier to convince your sales team to take a 10 percent hit on their salary than to get them to use your CRM. Simply put, they hate the CRM and see no value in it.
  5. You can now use your smart phone to turn down the thermostat in your house from halfway across the globe but entering information into your CRM from a mobile device is impossible.
  6. When a member of your sales team moves on to a new job, they take a career’s worth of knowledge about your clients with them.
  7. A client you’ve had for years mentions that they received a perfectly rehearsed cold call pitch from your new salesperson and wonders if anyone has any idea what is going on inside of your company.
  8. Your top performing sales person spends a good portion of their therapy secessions talking about the nightmares they’re having from potentially forgetting to follow-up on a hot lead.
  9. The workweek actually starts some time Sunday afternoon because it’s the only way that your team can get everything entered into the CRM.
  10. Your customers don’t feel like a priority because you’re too busy worrying about everything you need to get done to actually be present with them during meetings.

If any of these warning signs are ringing true for your organization, it’s time to upgrade your CRM system. When the right CRM is in place, it helps companies get organized, work efficiently and close more deals. For more information about implementing Salesforce which can add value to your organization, contact Kiwi Group Inc. today.



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