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Salesforce Support Packages

Kiwi Group’s Salesforce experts are here to provide you flexible ongoing support and development for your Salesforce instance.

As your company grows and your needs change we can offer ongoing support and development. We offer flexible and scalable support options and you can pick how many hours you need per month. Unused hours roll over and can be used towards larger projects.

Our goal is to help you to maximize your Salesforce investment and provide you with a dedicated resource.

Ad Hoc

No Monthly Commitment

You already have Salesforce implemented and only need occasional support.

Monthly Support

Maximise Your Investment

Our experts help you retrieve the best ROI from Salesforce.

Ad Hoc Support

No Monthly Commitment

If you already have Salesforce implemented and only need occasional support or tune-ups without the monthly commitment, then we offer a selection of ad hoc packages for you to use when required.

Most consultancies charge you an hourly fee per person. At Kiwi your hourly rate includes 2 people, a Salesforce Developer and a Project Manager.

We also offer a discount price for purchasing your hours in bulk.

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Monthly Support

Maximize Your Investment

A Dedicated Expert

Our monthly support packages are designed to point your business in the right direction and help you retrieve the best ROI from Salesforce after the initial Salesforce implementation is completed either by us or by a third party.

We offer a full business scan to determine how many hours you may need. On average our clients purchase 20 hours per month. Committing to a monthly package gives you a discount rate of $150 per hour. $150 is for two people, a Salesforce Developer and a Project Manager.

The Most Common Reasons People Engage Us for Monthly Support

They have a Salesforce Admin on-site, but this individual needs a development resource for more complex help.

The company’s Salesforce org was built by someone who is no longer with the company and they require help in adapting it to their current environment.

A new VP of Sales has been hired and has identified gaps in functionality and want to engage us to get back on track.

Replaces Needing a Full-time Employee

Larger companies may have a staff of 20 Salesforce developers but with most of these averaging a $120,000 salary (plus another 29.6% for benefits according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), this is not a realistic option for small and medium businesses.

Employing an outside Salesforce consultant means you’re only paying for their time, not for any of the added benefits that a full time employee would expect.

Delivered to Order

Support is delivered through your preferred method of communication whether it is email, phone, Skype, or a web meeting and we aim to respond within 4 business hours.

Support and Development

Support is delivered through your preferred method of communication whether it is email, phone, Skype, or a web meeting.

Typical Areas of Support

On Demand Training

General System usage

Report Generation

How to use Salesforce from your mobile device

Administrative Tasks

User Management

Security and Permission Management

General Troubleshooting

Data cleaning and data import

Customization / Integrations

Custom Object and workflow process development

Report and Dashboard development

Integration to 3rd party tools


Monthly Report will Include

Adoption statistics

Detailed service request log

Best Practice recommendations

Customer Success

We retain so many of our customers because of our passionate approach in obliterating any obstacles that may get in the way of their business growth.

We are fully committed to providing and maintaining the customer care that we have built our reputation on.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our happy customers have to say!

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