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CRM Predictions for Future Years

CRM predictions for future years

The world of technology is in a never ending revolution of growth, change and innovation. We’ve seen CRM tools transition from being a rolodex of leads to a cloud based solution that allows users to automate nearly every aspect of the sales cycle. With new CRM vendors and apps continuously entering the market, there is no doubt we will see CRM take major strides in the next few years.

Here are the areas we predict will experience the most change:


Mobile capabilities will be a must-have in any successful CRM system. Currently, mobile CRM apps offer a basic version of the desktop CRM in a phone ready manner. However, we believe we will see technological advancements made in this area that will lead salespeople will opt to use their mobile devices in a holistic way, incorporating them seamlessly into the sales process. Greater mobile function will allow salespeople to track analytics in real-time, access the most up-to-date information before meeting with clients or prospects and keep in touch with management all while on the go.


CRM users now demand that all of their internal software systems are able to communicate and work efficiently with one another. In the past, CRM has been a largely sales based tool however, the integration of a company’s accounting systems, marketing automation software and analytics software will allow CRM to function as a highly integrated sales and marketing tool. We expect to see more and more providers offering inclusive software platforms that marry the needs of different departments within an organization.


Improvements in analytics combined with CRM data will give marketers and salespeople the chance to study and understand customers preferences in a deeper way than ever before. This knowledge will allow companies to interact with their customers in a more intimate and personalized way, which will lead to increased sales, stronger customer relations and reduced turnover.

Company Specific Customization

The days of a one-size-fits-all CRM are over. Companies are looking to integrate CRM with their business processes in a comprehensive manner. The needs of an apparel company looking to their CRM to maximize sales and profit margins versus a non-profit organization that is interested in tracking donations are drastically different. Successful out of the box CRM solutions will no longer be feasible.

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