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CRM Technology & Consulting

CRM & Third Party Application Selection.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to choosing an application to improve customer relations. We draw from personal experience to help you find the best fit.

CRM Design & Implementation of New Systems.

We want to make sure the software works and supports you rather than the other way around. It should make life easier rather than creating an administrative headache.

Tuning Up Existing CRM Strategies.

Don't throw away the baby with the bathwater. You don't have to throw out your existing CRM plan, it might just need a fresh change in design. We'll help you clean up the business clutter. 

Individual & Group Training

Training is never a one-and-done. We create an in-depth 

assessment of businesses'

unique CRM environments to help develop practical and effective training plans that are role-specific.

Data Cleansing
& Enhancement

Dirty, duplicated and out-of-date data is prevalent in a business, whether you're a small company or work internationally. We clean up the mess to make your data more user friendly and lay a solid foundation for an effective CRM system.

Ongoing Support Plans & Consulting.

After we have designed and implemented new CRM systems, we provide on-demand ports and a variety of plans that keep our assist services with you during your company's growth. 


"Working with Kiwi Group is one of the best decisions that I have made."

Kyle McDonough, President & CEO
The Best Bin


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The person customizing your customer relations should be intimately familiar with how your sales team works. By taking the time to understand unique sales processes and barriers, technology can be designed to simplify the sales process, save time and gain relevant, timely customer insight. The Kiwi Group’s approach towards personal CRM customization allows us to gain the insight that has helped to transform a variety of businesses.