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Reporting/ Advanced Analytics

Giving You the Data You Need

Expanding Salesforce’s Capability

We can help to tweak or create new Salesforce Reports and Dashboards that give you the answers to your key questions.

  • What is our average sales cycle from lead generation to close?

  • Which sales team has generated maximum leads?

  • Sales performance (close rates)

  • Total Leads Created

  • Total Lead Opportunities Opened

  • Total Leads that converted into accounts?

  • How many employees got a bonus this year?

  • What is the conversion rate from Lead to Opportunity?

  • What is the conversion rate from Opportunity to Won?

  • What is the average Contract Value?

  • Average Lead to Opportunity Time (in days)

  • How many emails sent to each lead?

  • Business funnel

  • Outgoing Calls Made

  • Number of Opens per Campaign

  • Open Rate per Campaign

  • Number of Responses Received

Pain Points Solved

We understand both the capabilities and limitations with Salesforce reporting which not all of their customers are aware of. Therefore we can help to save you a lot of time and energy by implementing what you need and teaching you how it works.

If your reporting needs require a more advanced solution than what Salesforce has to offer, we can develop custom reports and dashboards or connect with an advanced reporting tool like Tableau or PowerBI.

Tableau Benefits

Some of the benefits of integrating with a system like Tableau.

Comprehensive Data Analysis and Visualization

This provides data within your Salesforce dashboard with enhanced vizualization, creating simple, user friendly worksheets that can help you identify trends that were not visible previously.

This enables sales to pinpoint and target your ideal customer from initial prospect through to making a sale.

Company-wide Analysis

Because this integration works so smoothly and is exceedingly user-friendly everyone across your company can use it, whether they consider themselves to be IT literate or not.

It works for everyone meaning better results across the board.

Combining Data

If you want a more sophisticated view of your company across multiple departments, integrating with Tableau means everything is automatically blended together. Therefore the information you need is always at your fingertips no matter which department you work in.

And as Tableau has no data limitations, it can be used by all departments whether that’s HR, Sales, Customer Service or Finance – it works for everyone.

Increased Productivity

Integrating Salesforce with Tableau puts Salesforce’s rich customer data to work and brings analytics to life for everyone in the organization.

Putting departmental reporting on one page saves users time and provides an improved analysis of different customer bases. Plus, users can securely access their data on their desktop or mobile devices, all of which enhance the way those at your company understand your organization’s data.

Customer Success

We retain so many of our customers because of our passionate approach in obliterating any obstacles that may get in the way of their business growth.

We are fully committed to providing and maintaining the customer care that we have built our reputation on.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our happy customers have to say!