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CRM & Third Party App Selection

Helping You Find the Best Fit

Expanding Salesforce’s Capability

There are thousands of choices when it comes to choosing an application to improve customer relations.

We draw from personal experience to help you find the best fit. 
Save time, money and reduce human error by seamlessly integrating Salesforce with the software you already use.

Time Is Money

Salesforce knew, early on, that it was unlikely that one vendor could deliver all of the capabilities that their clients need or would need in the future.

This is why Salesforce AppExchange already has around 4000 business applications (and counting) that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to give you a one stop show to run your business.

Agile and Flexible

Salesforce AppExchange has created a new economy giving thousands of developers the opportunity to swiftly bring applications to the marketplace.

They are focused on the things that clients really care about like consolidating their tools on one platform and getting things done from a smartphone, making it intuitive and easy.

Salesforce has 3 major releases annually that are robust and easy to upgrade, with minimal disruption for you and your team.

Let Us Make It Easy

We know it can be a complicated decision to find apps that really work for your business because there are so many choices. 

We can help you weed through the complexities and configure new applications to ensure that they are tailor made for your needs.

Power-Up Your Salesforce

Popular app capabilities

Migrating data from existing CRM to Salesforce

Converting leads won to orders and invoices

Connecting Lead Database to Sales Campaigns

Adding electronic signatures to contracts

Synching Product Catalogues with Financial Applications eliminating manual data entry processes and spreadsheets

Importing Invoice/Payment information from Financials to provide visibility to Sales

Providing improved customer service experience via services such as SMS, live chat, telephone call etc

Popular Apps

A small selection of the thousands of available apps that can take your Salesforce to the next level.

Customer Success

We retain so many of our customers because of our passionate approach in obliterating any obstacles that may get in the way of their business growth.

We are fully committed to providing and maintaining the customer care that we have built our reputation on.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our happy customers have to say!