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What Makes Salesforce Easy to Use?

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As the amount of free time consumers have continues to decrease in quantity, it becomes exponentially more valuable. In the market place, we’ve seen businesses successfully move towards creating a sales cycle that improves ease of use and fits effortlessly into consumers busy lives. Companies like Amazon have experienced unprecedented success by meeting customers where they are. A successful Salesforce system will offer this same ease of use to employees within organizations.

Here are four necessities in any easy to use Salesforce implementation:

It’s an excellent wingman. Salesforce that is easy to use serves as a salesperson’s right-hand man. It will help them to stay on top of leads, manage current clients and save face by guaranteeing that nothing falls through the cracks. When designing Salesforce to serve in this way, its crucial that it is created by someone who understands the day in the life of a salesperson and what their needs truly are, rather than someone who simply understands the technical, backend, components of CRM software.

It saves time.  Everyone wishes they had more time. An easy to use Salesforce implementation will help to speed up mundane business processes. This creates value to salespeople in both their personal and professional lives. At work, they’re able to close more deals and function at a higher level of efficiency and while at home, they can be fully present without worrying if they are missing something.

It seamlessly becomes part of the team. We all have experienced that awkward, painful, transition that takes place when HR screws up and hires someone who completely goes against the current company culture. They never really fit in and end up causing more work. Salesforce should not do this. It must be strategically designed with the business procedures and processes in mind. You want Salesforce to be the employee of the month type that everyone wants to talk to at the company Christmas party not the co-worker they’re secretly hoping wont show up.

It doesn’t lie. Trust is easy to lose and difficult to gain back. It’s crucial that data is entered into Salesforce accurately and deliberately. If the data is bad, so is Salesforce. It is not easy to use if it is full of errors and false information. Salespeople will quickly revert back to their old ways of selling and closing deals if they can’t trust the system they’re working on.

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