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Are Organizations Sabotaging Sales Success?

Are Organizations Sabotaging Sales Success

When a sales team is consistently able to meet their monthly quotas, the entire organization benefits. However, sales success seems to be beyond the reach of many organizations. Is your company suffering from any of these common sales-stopping culprits?

  1. Lack of Marketing Support: When a sales team has to create demand for their products and secure deals, they waste time pursuing unqualified leads. This creates frustration and tension within organizations and leads to high turnover rates and low sales margins. Often times, it’s hard for management to pin point this problem. A sure sign of insufficient marketing support includes sales people creating their own email marketing campaigns and incoming call volume that is consistently below target.
  2. Inadequate Tools and Manual Processes: It’s crucial sales teams are provided with the tools they need to efficiently create price quotes and receive approval. Slow processes that don’t move at the same speed of the market place frustrate customers and cause business to be lost to more agile competitors.
  3. Impersonal Performance Reviews: Performance reviews should be viewed as a coaching opportunity in which management invests time and resources into the sales team. This approach creates an environment that is conducive to personal growth, leading to business prosperity. Generic reviews are ineffective, waste organization time and are a missed growth opportunity.
  4. Absence of Personal Standards: While organizations can create an environment that makes it difficult for sales teams to meet their goals, becoming a successful sales professional takes time and personal investment. The ability to sell is a skill set that needs to be developed and nurtured. Thriving sales teams include individuals who are disciplined and committed to professional advancement (Pros “Stop Wasting your Sales Team’s Time”).

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