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10 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce

10 reasons why you need salesforce

Your plate is full. Days consist of chasing prospects, maintaining client relationships, trying to support your sales team and collapsing into bed at night. You haven’t spent quality time with family or friends in months yet, the barista at Starbucks has become all too familiar with your frantic orders for double shot espressos and blood shot eyes. There has to be a better way to meet sales goals.

It is true, successfully implementing Customer Relationship Management software does require an investment of resources but have you ever considered how much not having a CRM is costing you? Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to bite the bullet, implement Salesforce and put your team back on the road to success:

  1. Your leads are all over the place in spreadsheets, on sticky notes, napkins and in the heads of your sales team.
  2. All of your sales people create their own marketing materials. You have no idea if the right things are being said or what tactics are the most successful.
  3. It’s impossible to tell where your best leads come from, which makes it difficult to concentrate both sales and marketing activities.
  4. There is no way to track whether or not your team is following up on leads. In fact, what your team does all day is a mystery.
  5. Your company lacks a defined sales process. Why one sales person is more successful than the rest is anyone’s guess.
  6. Your clients are sick and tired of getting the same call from two of your sales people because you have no way of tracking who has done what for your customers.
  7. New leads are not a source of excitement. Instead, they cause you to break out in cold sweats.
  8. Predicting your revenue from month to month is a never-ending black hole of uncertainty.
  9. Creating reports, invoices and quotes takes up a huge portion of your day and when you’re finally finished, you’re only about 50 percent certain they’re even right.
  10. When your employees leave the company their leads, customer information and sales leave with them.

How can Salesforce help?

Salesforce can help any company get organized. When data is clean and housed under one roof, sales people have the resources they need to prioritize leads, track their sales and successfully do their job. Sales leaders are also provided with meaningful analytics that will help them to understand valuable information and properly lead initiatives.

For more information on implementing a Salesforce system that will add value to sales staff and help your organization close more deals, contact Kiwi Group Inc. today.

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