Kyle McDonough, President & CEO The Best Bin

"Working with Kiwi Group is one of the best decisions that I have made. Tracy identified gaps in our business processes that we would never have realized on our own.  She worked with us to overcome our unique barriers and created a streamline process for following up with email leads. Tracy’s years of experience combined with her attention to detail, efficient work style and commitment made sure we had the best CRM processes in place allowing us to get an inclusive program up and running in only a matter of weeks." 

Mary E. Mennenga, President Eastside Meals on Wheels

"Tracy was fantastic!  She listened as we described our unique challenges and explained how Salesforce worked in terms that we could understand. She designed a CRM program specifically for us and trained our staff to properly use it. The result of the Kiwi Group’s efforts was the implementation of a tool that we use daily and has allowed us to eliminate multiple spreadsheets thus, simplifying our work significantly. The experience was easy, efficient and exciting."

Julie Burrows, President & Chair UpTurnships

"When Tracy Ericksen says she’ll do something, she does it. When we were seeking internships for the summer of 2015, Tracy was the first to offer us help. She interviewed and lined up Bao Xiong as a Project Management Intern by December 2014. Tracy's financial support allowed Bao to have foundational business training from UpTurnships while having a paid internship in her chosen field.  Despite the Kiwi Group Inc.'s busy workloads, Bao learned new skills and worked on important, revenue-generating projects. Bao is now well prepared to find a full-time job in her field when she graduates in December. We couldn’t be more grateful."