Implementation Packages

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Our quick-start implementation gets organizations off the ground and running "Roadrunner" fast. This package is designed to help organizations get behind the wheel using their CRM to automate sales processes within 6-8 weeks.

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Bird Dog

Hawk is a robust implementation package that automates the sales process and incorporates basic customer service management functionality. Hawk helps organizations manage their existing clients with exceptional agility. This package includes the building of extensive customization and training resources, which are tailored to employee learning styles and organization needs.

Eagle is designed for organizations with 50 or more end users and is ideal for companies with multiple product and service lines that require intense CRM configuration and customization. Organizations with more levels of complexity require greater training time and documentation customization to ensure CRM implementation success and ongoing use. Our unique discovery process, customization and training resources help organizations soar above their competition. 

​Our Bird Dog service is designed to point organization in the right direction and help them retrieve the best ROI from their CRM long after the initial implementation is complete. Hiring a full-time sales force Administrator to oversee the system can cost upwards of 100,000 dollars per year for a full benefited employee. Bird Dog is a less expensive alternative that provides the same level of on call Salesforce support including on demand training for new users, customization of fields and reports as needed, data cleansing and over all system utilization support. 

Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight