10 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce

Your plate is full. Days consist of chasing prospects, maintaining client relationships, trying to support your sales team and collapsing into bed at night. You haven’t spent quality time with family or friends in months yet, the barista at Starbucks has become all too familiar with your frantic orders for double shot espressos and blood shot eyes. There has to be a better way to meet sales goals.

It is true, successfully implementing Customer Relationship Management software does require an investment of resources but have you ever considered how much not having a CRM is costing you? Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to bite the bullet, implement Salesforce and put your team back on the road to success:

  1. Your leads are all over the place in spreadsheets, on sticky notes, napkins and in the heads of your sales team.
  2. All of your sales people create their own marketing materials. You have no idea if the right things are being said or what tactics are the most successful.
  3. It’s impossible to tell where your best leads come from, which makes it difficult to concentrate both sales and marketing activities.
  4. There is no way to track whether or not your team is following up on leads. In fact, what your team does all day is a mystery.
  5. Your company lacks a defined sales process. Why one sales person is more successful than the rest is anyone’s guess.
  6. Your clients are sick and tired of getting the same call from two of your sales people because you have no way of tracking who has done what for your customers.
  7. New leads are not a source of excitement. Instead, they cause you to break out in cold sweats.
  8. Predicting your revenue from month to month is a never-ending black hole of uncertainty.
  9. Creating reports, invoices and quotes takes up a huge portion of your day and when you’re finally finished, you’re only about 50 percent certain they’re even right.
  10. When your employees leave the company their leads, customer information and sales leave with them.

How can Salesforce help?

Salesforce can help any company get organized. When data is clean and housed under one roof, sales people have the resources they need to prioritize leads, track their sales and successfully do their job. Sales leaders are also provided with meaningful analytics that will help them to understand valuable information and properly lead initiatives.

For more information on implementing a Salesforce system that will add value to sales staff and help your organization close more deals, contact Kiwi Group Inc. today.

Solutions for Customizing your Salesforce Quote PDF

Your quoting process is essential to closing business. When it’s time to make the deal, you want to configure your quote and make things clear for your prospect. In a perfect world, the quote you download from Salesforce would look right, contain the right information, and would be easy to access. Unfortunately, the default way Salesforce quotes get exported from the system can be less than ideal, and can impede your sales process.

Limitations of Salesforce’s PDF quote template

If you regularly utilize the quoting feature in Salesforce, you may have run up against a few frustrations when downloading the quote. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’d like the downloaded PDF quote to match your company branding, but you can’t customize the fonts and colors.
  • You’d like to export the Salesforce quote to Microsoft Word or Excel instead of a PDF, but that’s not an option.
  • Fields with a blank value don’t show up when you export the quote.
  • You can only generate a PDF quote from the Quote record in Salesforce, but you’d love to create it directly from the opportunity page, reducing the number of clicks.
  • You would like a complex discount calculation to be included but the settings aren’t quite making sense.
  • You’d like the product descriptions to be added to the quote that you download, but they won’t show up.
  • Global concerns like right-to-left text are not supported.

Salesforce’s default functionality for generating quotes is pretty limited. What options are available to you for customizing your quotes?

Customizing your Salesforce Quote Template and Process

Finding a solution to the problems you’re having with Salesforce quotes can be tricky. Do you just need a different template? Are there things that are possible within the robust system somewhere you haven’t found? The way we see it, you have two primary options: 1. Purchase a third-party app through Salesforce’s Appexchange that adds functionality or 2. Have someone develop custom functionality that targets your specific problems, staying within your current use of Salesforce.

A robust solution: Purchase a third-party app

Salesforce’s Appexchange has several options that can help with these issues and more. Here are some pros and cons for you:


  • No matter what version of Salesforce you have, there will be a solution available.
  • The solutions are well-vetted by Salesforce and you can check out reviews and testimonials.
  • Most of the solutions that will work for your quoting woes also have additional features that you may find helpful


  • Their solutions are still not fully customizable. You are still confined to the templates that they provide.
  • These apps can really get expensive, and often require an annual cost as well as hidden fees.
  • Sometimes, you’ll need someone with robust expertise in-house to implement the app and the functions it provides.
  • We’ve heard complaints that some solutions are “clunky” and take a long time to load or download.

Some of the apps that we would recommend would be: S-docs, Conga, and Apsona. These solutions may work well for the issues you’re experiencing with quote downloads.

A targeted, practical solution: Get custom functionality

Alternatively, you can work with a company (or developer) who can create a fully customized, practical solution for you within your budget. This often means leveraging available tools already within Salesforce and solving exactly the issues you’re dealing with. We’ve laid out some pros and cons of this approach for you as well:


  • Save money! You pay a one-time project cost, which can save you a lot of money. You’re already paying plenty annually for Salesforce, you don’t want to add more to that!
  • Feel heard – Work with a person who has actual business experience to help explain the solution to you, set it up for you, and help make changes later if needed.
  • Get solutions faster – The project can be a faster process then setting up a whole new app.
  • Smaller scale, targeted fixes – If you don’t want to reinvent the whole wheel, then you can just fix the parts that are giving you trouble. Your exact needs are addressed in a customized set up.
  • Some companies will allow your company to own the documentation and the fix moving forward.


  • This will likely only work if you have the Enterprise version or higher of Salesforce
  • Some developers that offer this will either protect their code or will not give you ownership of the solution. If you need edits down the road, they’re the only people that can modify it.

As you might have guessed, we at Kiwi Group can work with you to address your quoting issues with a practical, targeted solution.

Kiwi Group’s custom quote template and custom quote process for Salesforce

In the past, we have worked with clients to build practical custom solutions for their quoting frustrations.

It is very important to us to listen to exactly what needs our clients have, and develop a solution that will make their lives easier. We care about helping you fix your problem as fast as possible.

We always transfer ownership of any work we do to our clients so you don’t have to worry about issues down the road. In fact, our goal is to make the code in our solutions easily transferable to another developer.

Here are some of the areas we’ve addressed:

table for Solutions for Customizing your Salesforce Quote PDF

If you’re frustrated with the quotes you can download from Salesforce, we can help. Contact us to discuss.

CRM predictions for future years

CRM Predictions for Future Years

The world of technology is in a never ending revolution of growth, change and innovation. We’ve seen CRM tools transition from being a rolodex of leads to a cloud based solution that allows users to automate nearly every aspect of the sales cycle. With new CRM vendors and apps continuously entering the market, there is no doubt we will see CRM take major strides in the next few years.

Here are the areas we predict will experience the most change:


Mobile capabilities will be a must-have in any successful CRM system. Currently, mobile CRM apps offer a basic version of the desktop CRM in a phone ready manner. However, we believe we will see technological advancements made in this area that will lead salespeople will opt to use their mobile devices in a holistic way, incorporating them seamlessly into the sales process. Greater mobile function will allow salespeople to track analytics in real-time, access the most up-to-date information before meeting with clients or prospects and keep in touch with management all while on the go.


CRM users now demand that all of their internal software systems are able to communicate and work efficiently with one another. In the past, CRM has been a largely sales based tool however, the integration of a company’s accounting systems, marketing automation software and analytics software will allow CRM to function as a highly integrated sales and marketing tool. We expect to see more and more providers offering inclusive software platforms that marry the needs of different departments within an organization.


Improvements in analytics combined with CRM data will give marketers and salespeople the chance to study and understand customers preferences in a deeper way than ever before. This knowledge will allow companies to interact with their customers in a more intimate and personalized way, which will lead to increased sales, stronger customer relations and reduced turnover.

Company Specific Customization

The days of a one-size-fits-all CRM are over. Companies are looking to integrate CRM with their business processes in a comprehensive manner. The needs of an apparel company looking to their CRM to maximize sales and profit margins versus a non-profit organization that is interested in tracking donations are drastically different. Successful out of the box CRM solutions will no longer be feasible.

Looking for advice on upgrading your CRM?  Why not drop us a line to see if we can help.

10 Signs You Need to Trash Your CRM

Out with the old in with the new! Easier said than done but when it comes to your CRM, sticking with a system that isn’t up to par will only create more problems in the long run. Don’t get stuck settling for a mediocre CRM or wasting time hoping its shortcomings will miraculously disappear. Here are 10 warning signs you need to trash your current system.

  1. Instead of looking forward to the weekend, your sales team meets 3:00 PM on Friday with feelings of full-fledged resentment as they frantically work to get their sales reports in order before leaving for the week.
  2. The enthusiastic interns you hired are losing more and more hope for a happy future with every passing minute they spend tediously entering data into your CRM.
  3. When you sit down to pay the bill for your CRM system, you feel your chest tighten and your breathing become labored. The ROI you were supposed to get has disappeared along with your intern’s dreams.
  4. It would be easier to convince your sales team to take a 10 percent hit on their salary than to get them to use your CRM. Simply put, they hate the CRM and see no value in it.
  5. You can now use your smart phone to turn down the thermostat in your house from halfway across the globe but entering information into your CRM from a mobile device is impossible.
  6. When a member of your sales team moves on to a new job, they take a career’s worth of knowledge about your clients with them.
  7. A client you’ve had for years mentions that they received a perfectly rehearsed cold call pitch from your new salesperson and wonders if anyone has any idea what is going on inside of your company.
  8. Your top performing sales person spends a good portion of their therapy secessions talking about the nightmares they’re having from potentially forgetting to follow-up on a hot lead.
  9. The workweek actually starts some time Sunday afternoon because it’s the only way that your team can get everything entered into the CRM.
  10. Your customers don’t feel like a priority because you’re too busy worrying about everything you need to get done to actually be present with them during meetings.

If any of these warning signs are ringing true for your organization, it’s time to upgrade your CRM system. When the right CRM is in place, it helps companies get organized, work efficiently and close more deals. For more information about implementing Salesforce which can add value to your organization, contact Kiwi Group Inc. today.



A Letter to Businesses During COVID-19

With so much data and speculation surrounding the infamous COVID-19 pandemic infiltrating our news outlets and business newsletters every day, it’s becoming more and more apparent our need to stay flexible and optimistic about our social atmospheres, both work-related and familial.

There’s plenty of good news out there about recovering COVID 19 patients, declining numbers and uptake of vaccines, as well as tips on how to stay safe from the virus. But as most of us have transitioned from working in-office to working on our couches with TV trays as make-shift desks, sometimes staying there, or gradually transitioning back to the office, it’s important to know how to keep your business functioning as fluidly as it did pre COVID.

That’s why Kiwi Group is readily available to help with your Salesforce Tune Ups.

A lack of vitamin D plus a lack of organization from having to rethink your business organization and strategy can be a lot to handle all at once. So it pays to have CRM experts in your arsenal. Kiwi Group specializes in:

  • Helping organizations maximize the value from their Salesforce platform
  • Making Salesforce user friendly
  • Integrate Salesforce with Outlook
  • Integrate Salesforce with Marketing Automation systems like Pardot, HubSpot and MailChimp
  • Data cleansing and enhancement
  • Individual and group training
  • Ongoing support plans and consultation

Whether it’s a technological tune-up, or helping with CRM organization, Kiwi Group does both.

But how do you know if your business needs a “tune-up”? Salesforce, Bridgepoint Consulting and RTS Labs have offered up a few clues to help identify businesses that need a little extra CRM TLC. A few include:

  1. You’ve lost resources and talent
  2. Your CRM is not well-integrated with other business systems
  3. Your team isn’t using Salesforce
  4. You’ve outgrown your business environment

The loss of resources and possible loss of talent, plus the change in business environment, is something almost everyone is experiencing right now with COVID quarantine and beyond. Some businesses are downsizing and need a new strategy with how to move forward and keep CRM technologies and programs working for them, no matter the changing circumstances.

But Kiwi Group is here to help as a go-to source for optimizing your business through CRM technology and consulting. You can check out our implementation packages on our website. To learn more about how Kiwi Group can help clean up your business clutter and give you one less thing to worry about during this high-stress time, visit our website or reach out.

Be healthy and be safe!

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