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Meet The Founder

With over 20 years of professional experience in sales and client retention across multiple industries, Tracy Ericksen is an expert in the business of helping organizations build positive, results-driven customer relationships.

Kiwi Group's Three-Step Approach


Step One - Understanding Clients Needs


Our unique design allows us understand our clients specific needs and goals from day one. This gets the ball rolling immediately and saves resources and time.

Step Two - Getting Hands On

Next, we take the client out of the audience and place them into the CRM we are designing to meet their specific business goals. Our hands-on approach helps the confusing world of CRM's make much more sense and creates an in-house expert  for our clients  by the time we are ready to launch.


Step Three - Reducing Risk and Working Efficiently


Evaluation of what needs to be created next happens here, where things make more sense, rather than at the onset of the project. This eliminates risk and saves time and money.

Flock in Flight
We can help organize, prioritize, personalize and improve your business.

Kiwi Group is different.


We can help organize, prioritize, personalize and improve your business. By organizing customer data, we aim to improve a company's overall productivity in sales, marketing and customer relations (CRM).


Unlike other consultancies which primarily focus on the technical aspects of implementation, Kiwi Group recognizes the client’s strategic and operational goals and uses them to drive technology design and implementation.

Opting to delay the implementation a CRM program can result in the cost of reduced customer loyalty, lessened success of new products, inflated marketing cost and an increase in business inefficiency. 

So, Kiwi Group takes a holistic approach to designing technology and planning implementation strategies to ensure that every execution is meeting the client’s strategic and operational goals and needs.


With the Kiwi Group you can expect:

  • More efficient customer-focused business processes.

  • Decreased customer turnover.

  • Increased customer relationship, loyalty and experience.

We make simplicity our first objective.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We work to guarantee that each experience an organization has with their CRM is efficient, easy to understand. This adds to the overall value of their business.

We keep it clean.

Keeping data clean requires setting standards and processes from the onset of launching a CRM system. We work to make sure that the data you import is clean and we develop procedures to make sure it stays that way.

We create a sense of ownership.

We partner with key influencers from each organization's sales and marketing team as we build the CRM screens, workflows and reports the team will ultimately use.

We help all businesses prosper

Organizations - Our customizable services are designed to support the unique business goals and needs of each organization, no matter how small or large. The Kiwi Group’s exclusive training and coaching resources allow us to guarantee that each of our clients will have the skill set and knowledge necessary to use their CRM tools in the manner that makes the most sense for their business.

Nonprofits - Kiwi Group Inc. is an expert when it comes to working with nonprofit organizations. Our aim is always to make daily life a little easier. We do so by taking the time to understand each nonprofits particular budget and business needs and create a CRM system that best assists the organization in achieving its specific mission.

Why Choose Kiwi Group Inc?